Top 3 Switch Releases 1/8/21 & 1/15/21

Hello everyone and welcome to the first of the now biweekly Top 3 Switch releases. This time around and for all future iterations of this article for the foreseeable future, I will be compiling the top three games released within the past two weeks as well as the honorable mentions of both weeks into one! Now, last week the Nintendo Switch had an incredibly low output of new games at just 13 releases. This week however, they really picked up and released over 40 game! In short, these articles may get a bit long in the future, but I’ll be giving what might be considered the most noteworthy of all of the game released and sort it out from the shovelware. So let’s take a look at what we have!

#3 Iris.Fall

Image taken from the Steam store

You may recall several weeks ago on my Top 3 list I had the game Shady Part of Me listed as number 3. Once again, the #3 game is a puzzle platformer that also uses the concept of controlling the character’s body and shadow separately. Iris.Fall takes on a much more monochromatic theme of darkness and light and takes place within a theater full of projections that each hold some piece of the character’s past. The game is relatively short and is recommended to purchase the digital version which is listed at half the cost of most of the physical copy listings.

#2 Scott Pilgrim vs The World The Game – Complete Edition

The classic styled arcade beat-em-up, based on the film, based on the graphic novel series inspired by classic styled arcade beat-em-ups is now available on Switch in its complete edition. In this version you get both DLC packs included in the game and it’s only $15 USD! The stylization of the game is reminiscent of Castle Crashers with how zany and out of left field it can be (which is generally par for the course for all things Scott Pilgrim.)

#1 Down in Bermuda

A surprise puzzle adventure suddenly arrived on Nintendo Switch in the form of a cell-shaded isometric adventure that takes you across six islands within the Bermuda Triangle full to the brim with puzzles, encounters, and hidden collectibles. You’ll play as an aviator named Milton who has just crashed into the cursed lands and must now find his way to uncovering the mysteries of the land and hopefully find a way back home.

Honorable Mentions

  • Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom: A mercantile/RPG mashup where you go out on quests and fight monsters to collect materials to create new equipment that can be used or sold. Can get repetitive after a long while, but you can also actively switch between several class types and play styles. (Rideon)
  • Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest: A choose-your-own-adventure game where you must maintain your stats such as health and willpower and attempt to find all of the different outcomes your story can have. The actual game is roughly 2 hours long, so it’s more meant as something to be played repeatedly. (Different Tales)
  • Medulla: A visual illusion puzzle game in which you must travel through a dreamlike world full of giant creatures and monsters and use the environment, puzzles, and some optical illusions to survive. (Lemondo Games)
  • The Pillar Puzzle Escape: A first person puzzle game where you travel around several islands full of changing environmental puzzles and templates. The game is also beautiful and serene, giving you gorgeous cliffside views and making the game an exceptional stress release platform. (Paper Bunker)
  • My Hidden Things: A hidden object game with a twist. Not only do you have to find the items in the list, some of these items may require some assembly or even several prior steps to even see them. The actual story is very dreamlike and wild, but will hold your attention between challenges. (Six Dots)
  • Radio Commander: A new kind of RTS game where you’re playing the game blind. You get a map of the area, tokens and pins to mark the map with, and a radio to communicate with your troops to gain info and give orders. The concept sounds incredibly difficult, but also so unique that I can’t help but want to give it a try. (Jakub Bukala)

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