Top 3 Switch Releases 12/25/20

As the year comes to a close, let’s take a look at some of the final releases on Switch in 2020. Given the holiday season, it doesn’t seem like much has been released this week, but I’ve managed to find a few charming gems in the releases that are worth mentioning. So let’s take a look at our top 3!

#3 Killer Chambers

Taking the battle concept of Undertale and the fast reaction barrage style of WarioWare and combining them into a mini bullet-hell game about memorizing traps and movements is a very curious combination. Killer Chambers by Village Bench is a game where you play as an immortal knight locked in a chase after the ghostly Lord Grave while constantly dodging room after room of traps. The main complaints in Killer Dungeon come in with its difficulty. Many levels will need to be repeated several times to memorize the patterns of the traps, and even harder versions of each dungeon will need to be completed in order to obtain items to help you on future levels which seems a bit counterintuitive to put items that make the game easier behind a difficulty wall. Also, although the game generally has minimal punishment for death and typically puts you right back at the start of each mini level, there is a cost to repeated deaths where you’ll be placed in a punishment level and not allowed to continue the game until you complete said punishment level. This mechanic is honestly very out of place and the game might’ve made the #2 slot had this mechanic not existed.

#2 Dungeonoid

Classic retro games such as Arkanoid/Breakout can still be fun nowadays (and can even be played on google.) Dungeonoid by Super PowerUp Games takes the concept of Arkanoid/Breakout and mixes it with dungeon crawling and RPG gameplay aspects. This isn’t the first time this gameplay style was taken to another level as it was in the classic Kirby’s Block Ball for the Game Boy, but now we get to experience a much newer take on the concept. Look for keys, chests, and doors. Fight monsters and bosses. Level up your stats, or even play in co-op mode. It all just sounds like a lot of fun.

#1 Super Meat Boy Forever

This one likely comes to no surprise. While Super Meat Boy Forever tackles a new subgenre of platformer from its predecessor going from a hardcore platformer with bite sized levels to an auto-run with procedural generated levels, it does so with a lot of grace. Some players have found themselves bitter after purchasing the game without any prior research and expecting the same style of game as the original, but the devs and game can’t be blamed for that with the amount of gameplay footage and images of the game available before its release. For what this game is, however, it’s still very fun and worthwhile as a gaming experience!

Honorable Mentions

  • Landflix Odyssey: A sidescrolling platformer that mixes together elements from several other games into a smooth decently built game with a minor story. (Fantastico Studio)
  • Kingdom Tales: Often described as a good introduction to the RTS genre for kids, Kingdom Tales is a time and resource management game split into several missions to play through. (Cateio Games)
  • The Last Dead End: A horror/shooter game with some minor puzzle elements. The majority of the game will be action oriented in which you use either a gun or melee weapon to fight through hordes of monsters or giant bosses. (AzDimension)
  • Smart Moves: A top-down adventure puzzle game. The general idea is that you will move on a grid and each move you make, enemy monsters will also move, but typically only after you’ve gone into their line of sight. Using this, you can either lead the monsters to their deaths, line the up however you need them to be, and giving yourself access to any chests available on the level. (Grin Robot)

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