Indie Spotlight: Jotun

There’s a history of success in games that use mythology as a narrative point. Most often this comes in the form of Greek mythology, yet there are a few that delve into the world of Norse mythology. Jotun is a game by Will Dubé that follows the afterlife of a Viking woman named Thora who failed to achieve an honorable death worthy of Valhalla, the afterlife of heroes in Norse mythology. The entirety of the game is hand-drawn and beautiful making it very easy to get lost in the environments. Apart from the first world of the game, you get the choice of taking on each world in any order you wish. Each world consists of three parts. The first two parts are open isometric levels in which you must explore and solve puzzles with very little combat. Throughout these areas if you explore well enough, you may find some permanent upgrades such as max health boosts.

Image taken from Nintendo eshop

The main feature of the game takes place in the third area of each world in which you must fight a Jotun, a giant elemental creature. These boss fights are hard as nails and require a lot of learning the boss’s movements, patterns, and tells. Combat takes form in a slow heavy attack, a quick light attack, a dodge roll, and abilities known as God Powers that you gain from each boss fight. Getting through each boss will be a test of patience and reaction time, but will lead to an ultimately satisfying victory.

Image taken from Steam Store

Along with new God Powers, after each Jotun battle you’ll also gain a small bit of narration from Thora explaining the events that led up to her untimely demise and the reason why Valhalla was denied to her. These realms she travels through and Jotuns that she fights is a ultimately a test giving her a second chance to earn her place in Valhalla with the final challenge after all Jotuns are defeated being a battle with the Allfather himself, Odin. While the game is relatively short, it’s very likely to spend a lot of time repeating the boss fights until you get it just right to achieve victory! Earn your place in Valhalla! If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, you can purchase the game from Humble Bundle below where a portion of your payment goes to charity as well as helps support me!

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