Gaming News: Issue 9

Welcome to my ever-improving weekly gaming news format! This week we’ll be talking about the exciting release of Cyberpunk 2077 and the bugs and glitches that are somewhat to be expected. OBS is releasing an update that will save several Twitch streamers from having their content removed. Actor Terry Crews has begun streaming on Twitch with his son Isaiah to raise money for American Red Cross! Steam just officially released their new News Hub in their app. A new Perfect Dark game is now in the works, and a new safety and privacy agreement between Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony has recently been made official. Let’s take a look at what all this means!

Cyberpunk Off to a Shaky Start

Excited gamers were overjoyed to play the long hyped Cyberpunk 2077 which released on the 10th. However, many gamers were overwhelmed with bugs and glitches particularly on the PS4 and Xbox One. Turns out, CD Projekt Red CEO Adam Kiciński stated that most of their playtesting has been on newer consoles and PC, and all game footage shown has been played on PC. Because of this, the older gen systems suffered from several bugs that made it through the playtesting phase. Some debate online states that this can be attributed to people rushing the game’s release, but CDPR takes full responsibility and has released an apology letter stating that patches for these glitches will come rapidly over the course of the next week and some major updates being released within the next month.

Image taken from Cyberpunk website

OBS Saves Streamers from Copyright

One of the major issues that comes for anyone who wishes to stream and/or record video games is copyright strikes. Sometimes these strikes can be easy to avoid, but other times they may be unpredictable. For instance, many streamers have found their recordings of the Batman Arkham series removed due to the in game soundtrack being licensed by a third party. Unfortunately in these cases, there is really no way to find out beforehand whether something you do may invoke a strike or not. Luckily, this may be an issue in the past for Twitch users, as the popular streaming program OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) has just released a new update allowing users to go back to their already completed livestreams (or VODS) and remove individual layers of audio. This way if a copyright warning comes for any background audio in your livestream, you can easily go back and correct it and keep the video up for future viewers!

Crewsing for Killers

Father-son actors Terry and Isaiah Crews recently started streaming on Twitch to raise money for American Red Cross as well as raise awareness of Isaiah’s new Nickelodeon series Side Hustle. The game of choice that they started with is a very popular visual novel detective game Danganronpa. They haven’t gotten too far into the game yet, however they have stated that they will continue to do livestreams likely every two weeks and continue through the game to the very end. It should also be noted that while Isaiah has stated he has played through the game already, this will be Terry’s first time experiencing the game and as per usual, Terry Crews is full of wholesome and energetic reactions well worth watching! So far after just one two-hour session that have raised over $20,000 for American Red Cross! This makes me wonder about the future of streaming and if we’ll start to see an influx in celebrities getting in on the gaming community!

Image captured from the stream

Steam Gaming News Service

Previously an experimental feature on Steam Labs, the new Steam News Hub is now openly available. Not only will this give you news on future updates, events, and downtimes to the games you have installed, but you can follow reputable news sources to have their articles automatically come up on your Steam feed. On top of this Steam will also be hosting their very own blog. You can customize your settings for what kinds of news sources and/or news types you want to or don’t want to see.

Perfect Dark Once Again

A couple years ago, Microsoft opened a new studio named The Initiative in Santa Monica. At the Game Awards, they came out to announce their first game to be released. After 15 years since its last title, we’ll finally see a revival to the long-lost IP. There is no new info yet on whether this will be a reboot or a new sequel, or its intended release date. But, there is an interview video available with the devs to discuss the future of the game and possibly the series.

An Agreement for All

Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have released a public agreement on how to go about future privacy and and online play rules. This agreement will help create consistency in online games across different platforms which opens the door for more future games to adapt cross-platform play. This agreement covers the ability for players to be able to control their privacy settings and making sure players are aware of these options, being transparent about rules and how to report cheaters, and agrees to work alongside both other companies and rating companies on ensuring the safest practices possible.

Healing Potion: Games Done Quick

Speedrunning has been a popular hobby and sport since recording games first started. Games Done Quick is a company that raises money for charity through speedrun marathons and challenge runs. Every year they hold two events taking place in the summer and winter. During these events, streamers will compete in a series of speedruns and gaming challenges live and raise money for a specific charity that has partnered with GDQ. If you want more info, click the image below to check out their website!

Mobile Game of the Week: Wild Tamer

If you enjoy games where you lord over an army of creatures such as Overlord or Pikmin, I highly recommend checking out Wild Tamer by 111%. The premise of the game is that you are a druid who is working to reverse the brainwashing of all of the fauna in the world bit by bit. Throughout the game you will take on several animals and upon defeating them, gain the chance to invite them into your troop. Throughout the game you and your follower of creatures will incrementally grow in strength. Progress in the game can be a bit slow, but there’s something quite satisfying about gaining the next tier of animals into your fold. If you’re lucky, you may even find some legendary creatures to join your troop!

Thanks for checking out the updated news format and what is now my currently longest article ever posted! Hopefully I can keep up this format for future news articles! Let me know what you think of this week’s articles and the newest format!

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