Top 3 Switch releases 12/11/20

Compared to previous weeks, there were a bit fewer releases this week, yet there are still some great titles that came to the Switch. A couple are very niche, but I think everyone can find something they’d like out of this week. Let’s take a look at our top 3!

#3 Shady Part of Me

Combining 3D and 2D platforming isn’t an entirely new concept, but this new game by Douze Dixièmes does change things up by allowing you to switch between controlling a small timid little girl and her shadow who is portrayed as brave and outgoing. Use the two of them to solve puzzles and continue further through a story narrated by actress Hannah Murray. The art style of the game is also very calming and beautiful, and wraps the game in a relaxing tone.

Image taken from the Focus-Home official site

#2 DOOM Eternal

The long awaited sequel to the hit PC FPS game made by Bethesda created major hype with its announcement, and now it’s finally available on Switch 15 years after DOOM 3 was released. Strategize how you fight by getting different pickups depending on the weapon you used to kill each demon. Become incredibly powerful and destroy demons small and large. Let’s hope this comes to be a much bigger success than Duke Nukem Forever.

Image taken from Bethesda official site

#1 Ghostrunner

Combining the first-person platforming of Mirror’s Edge with the cybernetic ninja style of Warframe turned out to be a great hit with One More Level’s Ghostrunner. Throughout the game you’ll follow an enigmatic voice, make precise wall runs and platforming jumps in a 3D environment, only to string together a series of attacks against armed foes. The game can be quite difficult as it runs on a rule of one hit = one kill. The means you have to go about it strategically to make sure you get the jump on your opponents. Although the difficulty is balanced by the extremely low level of punishment as you can constantly and instantly retry a challenge without being thrown back too far.

Image taken from the Steam store page

Honorable Mentions

  • Lofi Ping Pong: A relaxing rhythm game backed with smooth Lofi background music. (Calvares)
  • Monster Sanctuary: A side scrolling Metroidvania that allows you to capture different monster types that will aid you in moving around the world as well as engage in turn bases battles similar to Pokemon. (Moi Rai Games)
  • Drawn to Life: Two Realms: The sequel to the game about using creativity and imagination to create solutions to several problems as you go on. There are some mixed reviews due to it having somewhat of a new gameplay style than its predecessor, but still has the same heart in it. (Digital Continue)
  • Heroes of Loot: A rogue-lite twin-stick shooter where you go through several floors of dungeons with a different choice of fantasy heroes and gain as much powerful loot as you can. (Orange Pixel)
  • Accidental Queens Collection: A collection of three deep narrative stories. The first two involve finding a lost phone, searching through its interface, the messages, the pictures, the apps, and finding the story behind its owner, who they are, and what may have become of them. The third story is called Alt-Frequencies in which you’ll combine snippets from several radio broadcasts to uncover a deep conspiracy hidden within. If you’re not interested in the full collection, Alt-Frequencies is also available for individual purchase outside of the collection. (Plug in Digital)

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