Gaming News Issue 8

Hello, and welcome back to our first weekly news article since the break! This week we’ll be talking about a couple game delays as well as the exciting official release of the Minecraft with RTX, and a whole lot of new updates for Halo: Infinite! Here’s all the details!

Bungie’s Joseph Staten recently released a blog post detailing several updates being made to Halo: Infinite as well as a new expected release time. Unfortunately, the new release date is all the way back in Fall of 2021, nearly a full year away. However, let’s quickly turn to the good news! The biggest complaint from the gameplay demo was the lack of high end graphics for a modern AAA game. This is one thing that’s being greatly reworked and being made over to give the game a beautiful new look and sheen. A couple big updates are also being announced for online play, the biggest of which is that the online portion will be free-to-play without any extra subscriptions. This of course brings up many questions about other possible transactions connected to online play, and Joseph has answered that as well. The official stance is that there will be microtransactions available, but they will not include loot crates for items that will tilt the favor of battle to any player. Likely, these microtransactions will be purely cosmetic. Speaking of cosmetics, the armor customization options are also being overhauled to allow a much greater amount of customization and personality to armor designs and colors which will bring on a lot more unique designs from different players. There’s much more you can read about in the original blog post here!

Image taken from Halo Waypoint site

Some time ago, Ubisoft released some exciting news about a remaster to the classic platforming time manipulation game, The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Originally the game was slated to release just next month, but as we’re getting closer to release time, Ubisoft has realized they may need more time. It’s understandable given no company could’ve really seen this mess of a year coming, but the game will be delayed back until March 18th 2021. All we can do is that the game goes off without a hitch, as a lot of people are really looking forward to going back to the game that made many first get into the series.

Image taken from the wiki site

Eight months ago we were introduced to the beta incorporation of RTX or Ray-Tracing in Minecraft. For those that don’t know, RTX is a relatively new rendering technique for games. Due to some high end requirements, it was strictly used for items such as still images. The process has to do with (as the name suggests) tracing lines of light as pixels and creating effective and realistic lighting effects. Now with new high end hardware available, RTX can now be implemented into games to create stunning effects. As a testing ground for this, Minecraft introduced it as a beta option in the Windows 10 version. Now, after 8 months, RTX is coming out of beta and the new look is astounding. Along with being able to use RTX in your normal survival or sandbox mode, RTX is now available in a total of 15 Minecraft worlds. But keep in mind that due to the intensive resources RTX requires, it may not implement unless your video card is fairly high end!

Watch to see the comparison!

Mobile Game of the Week: The Quest Keeper

In the beginning of mobile games we were introduced to several games full of simplicity, yet they still filled us with hours of entertainment. The Quest Keeper by Tyson Ibele is one such game. The idea is very simple, you will go through 10 different courses designed as isometric precarious pathways and your character doesn’t stop moving until they run into a wall. Instead you must navigate by constantly swiping to change the direction your character goes in, and you have three attempts to reach the end of the course. Don’t expect to make it to the end on your first few tries, instead your focus should be on collecting coins along the way which can be used to purchase items and costumes that grant perks helping you reach the end. Strategize to find what the best combination of equipment is for each track. My favorite part of this game is that unlike other mobile games, beating it is within reach. Most other games are either endless or put the end goal so far back you’d be forced to play for years to reach the end, but this one can be completed within a few weeks as most other games. And if you’re interested, you can check out the developer’s website below and check out some of his other creations!

Healing Potion: Direct Relief

While not entirely a gaming charity in itself, Direct Relief is very frequently the go to organization for charity gaming marathons on Twitch and Youtube. Direct Relief is a humanitarian organization that focuses on providing aid to areas hit by unexpected hazards both physical and health related. They’re active across not only the U.S. but also over 80 other countries. If you wish to learn more, just click the image below!

And that’s all the news I have for this week. What do you think of the new news format? Leave your thoughts below!

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