Returning Updates

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving! The break from the site is now over and I have quite a few updates to share!

Firstly, the Healing Potion and World of Mobile Gaming articles will be shortened and added in the weekly news articles every Wednesday rather than having their own articles. This will mean a few days will go without articles thus giving me a break from writing an article every day.

The Game Design Analysis articles will be ended for the time being. Perhaps in the future I’ll be able to find a suitable replacement article format.

The remaining articles will be moved to new days that are now updated in the About page.

  • Top 3 Weekly Switch Releases will be moved to Mondays
  • Indie Spotlight will be moved to Friday
  • How to be a Good Gamer will be temporarily moved to Saturdays, but may be ended or replaced in the future.

Lastly, two other authors have been invited to the site. I’ll leave it up to them to introduce themselves in the future, but they’ve been given authority to post any articles they want at any given time, so as of this time there’s no scheduled release dates for their articles.

Hopefully these changes make for a good reading experience for you all and I encourage anyone to send in any recommendations for future site changes or potential article subjects! Articles will begin releasing again on Monday 12/7/20 with a Top 3 Weekly Switch Releases article!

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