The World of Mobile Gaming: Bloons Monkey City

Many people might remember that with the age of Adobe Flash games came a plethora of tower defense games that defined the genre. Since then, many game devs have tried to create their best Tower Defense games, but the simplicity of the Bloons Tower Defense series keeps it among the top of the genre. One standout title in the series is the mobile app Bloons Monkey City which mixes the branching path tower defense style with a city builder. The map of the city is split into a grid in which you only get a small amount of squares at first in which to build in. The buildings you create give you bonuses and access to more monkey towers and upgrade paths. To expand your city, you must take a grid piece by playing a round of tower defense with what you have available.

Expand your city by taking spaces!

Depending on the location of the grid (if it falls on a river, forest, lake, etc) changes the tower defense map you’ll play on and what buildings you can make there. Some spaces are special events such as boss fights or may contain treasures that grant great boons to future rounds. Some spaces may also restrict or grant buffs to specific monkey towers. The ultimate goal of the game is to spread your town across the entirety of the grid.

Special missions can also unlock new monkey towers!

There’s also a minor PvP mechanic involved in which you may send groups of balloons to rival players to steal money and resources. The other player then must use what they have available to defend the attack. Over time you can upgrade your attacks to make them more difficult to defend against. Of course, if you don’t wish to take part in any PvP features, you can fully opt out by turning on shields. Shields makes it so that no attack may be given or received by your city, but don’t think you’ll be able to attack someone and then turn the shield on to hide behind it, as they do put measures in place to prevent exactly that.

You can also collect cards that upgrades your monkey towers!

Personally one of the strongest concepts of this game for me is making PvP completely optional to take any part in. And if a level is too hard now, I can always improve my tower capabilities over time and try again. Over time you’ll start to find what some of the strongest upgrade branches are and have a much easier time of things. Give it a try, and see if you fall for the addiction!

You can also buy Bloons TD 5 on Humble Bundle!

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