Healing Potions: Gamers for Giving

This time around, we’ll be talking about an annual charity event that anyone can take part in! Gamers for Giving is an annual event that hosts game streaming, LAN parties, and tournaments. Unfortunately this year the LAN party and tournament had to be called off due to Covid, however Gamers for Giving still managed to reach nearly $700,000 off streams alone. If you’re interested, you can see a list of all of the major streamers that took part in the event below.

Image taken from the official website

At this time there’s no schedule for next year’s event, but hopefully with luck we’ll be able to go back to a full event again and bring gamers together to raise money for charity. All money raised by Gamers for Giving is donated to the Gamer’s Outreach Foundation (which we also hosted in an article.)

If you ever wish to take part in the event by streaming something, they have kits available to set up a charity stream, or they will offer an embedding code to put on your website if you have one to host a stream right there! If you want to learn more about Gamers for Giving, follow the link below to check out their website.

Image taken from official website

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