Gaming News Issue 6

Hello and welcome to this week’s gaming news! This week we’ll be talking about some DLC content announced for Immortals: Fenyx Rising. Fortnite’s Epic is revealing new technology to put your face into your Fortnite game. And after cancelling the Pro Bowl, NFL has now decided to instead host it digitally in video game format! Let’s take a look at what we have!

Ubisoft has announced several pieces of additional content for their upcoming game Immortals: Fenyx Rising including three paid DLC that are all bundled into a $40 USD season pass. A trailer showing off the new DLC was released describing each piece of DLC. One titled “A New God” gives you a new post-game questline attempting to ascend to godhood. The other two put you in control of new characters titled “Myths of the Eastern Realm” where you will play through a world inspired by Chinese Mythology rather than Greek, and the other titled “The Lost Gods” which transforms the game into an isometric brawler. While additional content is always exciting and Ubisoft has announced there will also be some free content added in, the announcement for these new DLCs are generating understandably mixed responses from gamers. For one, the announcement of paid DLC before a game is even released expresses the idea that a company is withholding content that is already prepared and putting it behind a paywall for more money. It would be a different matter if the content was developed after the release of the game, but that isn’t the case here. The other issue is that two of these DLCs put you in control of new characters which renders any progress you make with the main game character somewhat moot. You can watch the trailer and judge for yourself what you think of the new content below!

For the first time on Mr Zee Gaming, we’ll be talking about sports! Last month the NFL announced they’re cancelling the Pro Bowl in 2021 due to Covid. For those that don’t know, the Pro Bowl is a short series of games that hold little to no meaningful outcome in terms of team standings in American football, and the NFL often treats it as a time of experimentation with the game to try out new things. This year will be no exception, as the NFL has now announced the Pro Bowl will continue on in digital form in the game Madden NFL 2021 where they will be streaming matchups between celebrities, current and past football players, and popular game streamers. EA will also be hosting the event as well as offering Pro Bowl in-game merchandise to players in Madden 2021.

Image taken from Wiki page

A company known as Hypersense has recently released an open beta for an app known as “Hypermeet” which allowed users to video chat with giant avatar heads over their faces that mimic the users facial expressions (see the video below to see how it looks). This app was meant to be used with popular video chat services such as Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams, until Hypersense was bought out by Epic, the developers of Fortnite! Now the Hypermeet app is no longer available, but Epic has some plans to implement its technology into Fortnite. How they plan to use it is unconfirmed at this time, but the potential applications are very intriguing given the popularity and social aspects of Fortnite. Hopefully we get to see some exciting uses for this technology in the future!

That’s all we have for this week, and I hope you all are excited about some of these announcements! Next week we’ll be covering more gaming news and hopefully get a good idea of what we can expect for next year!

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