Healing Potion: Charity Gaming

In past Healing Potion articles we’ve covered the impacts access to gaming can have on a recovering hospital patient. Charity Gaming is an organization that offers gaming kits and new or used games for children in hospitals to play (after a deep sanitizing of course to make sure everyone stays health!)

Charity Gaming brightens days everywhere!

One of the great things about Charity Gaming is that there’s multiple ways to support them and some that you can do even if you don’t have extra money to give! Other than straight donations to purchase a game, kit, or gaming system, you can also donate your own games straight to them knowing a child going through some tough times can have their days brightened with it! Charity Gaming is also partnered with Streamlabs allowing any streamer to host their links and icons on their stream accounts for people to donate into.

That smile will melt your heart

If you really want to show off your support, you can also buy merch from their shop and help advertise the cause in a comfy shirt! If you’re interested in helping out, click on any of the images in this article to go directly to the site! I hope you can give them your support and help make the world a better place! Check again next week where we spotlight another gaming charity and how you can help!

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