Top 3 Weekly Switch Releases 11/13/20

This week we have a few really good Switch releases that have come out, and some of them are even relatively cheap to try! Let’s jump right into it and see what I have listed as the top three releases before taking a look at our honorable mentions! And remember, if there’s a game you’re interested in that I have a partner link for, just click on the name of the game!

#3 Memoranda

Image taken from Nintendo product page

Now before I get into the gameplay, let’s talk for a moment about this game’s development. Memoranda is a point-and-click adventure game made by Carbon Fire Studio and Bit Byterz based of a series of short stories written by Haruki Murakami. These stories typically centered on feelings of loneliness in a surreal world. The game itself is hand-drawn and fully voice-acted. But as for the game itself, you play as a woman who keeps forgetting her name exploring a surreal world full of humans and humanoid animals who all seem to be losing something in their lives between memories, relationships, and sanity. The game looks beautiful and appears to be a very deep and powerful experience worth trying.

#2 Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

Image taken from Nintendo product page

Unfortunately I’m as disappointed as the next person that Square-Enix has stated they have no plans to bring any games from the Kingdom Hearts series to the Switch. However, I am happy for what we have which is a fairly creative way to cover the story so far for Switch players. Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is a rhythm based game centered around the music of Kingdom Hearts, Disney, and Pixar titles. The idea of the game is that you will run through a track and press the correct buttons to attack enemies, jump and dodge attacks, unleash magic, and even glide for short portions. In between songs you’ll witness cutscenes from the games that will catch you up on the Kingdom Hearts story. The main drawback is the pricing of the game, but given all of the available playmodes and songs available, it does contain the content of a full game deserving of a full game price. If you’re unsure about it, there’s also a demo available!

#1 Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Image taken from Nintendo product page

This is a game I’ve been waiting excitedly for and is definitely on my list to buy. Sakuna is a game that mixes farming simulation, cooking simulation, action RPGs, and the feeling of hunting monsters suited for Monster Hunter. Developer Edelweiss Medienwerkstatt’s new game will have you spending half of your time in the wilderness full of monsters, chaining together very fluid attacks and dodges and harrowing boss battles to gather the needed ingredients for your farm. The other half will be spend managing your farm, growing and tending to the rice crops, turning them into rice, monitoring to ensure they grow with the best balance of attributes (yes, it goes that deep), and using the rice to cook up meals and create sake. I highly recommend it as it contains the best of both worlds in high action combat mixed with the calming serenity of a farming simulator.

Honorable Mentions

  • Re:Turn – One Way Trip: A sidescrolling puzzle-adventure horror game in which you must find your four friends on a train full of mystery, monsters, and unspeakable things around every corner. (Red Ego Games)
  • Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered: One of the most popular racing series is back where you can continue to customize your cars, race through the streets, get chased by police, and run through traps to make buildings and obstacles drop on those police! (Exient Entertainment)
  • Tropico 6: The city simulator game where you play as a tyrannical dictator, keep up your political game both with your citizens and with other countries, and even send out goons to steal monuments and wonders from other countries! (Limbic Entertainment)
  • Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay: A series of mini-games set in the world of the greatly popular kids show Paw Patrol. Received mixed reviews on PC for no keyboard support, but hopefully the Switch port will perform alright! (Drakhar Studio S.L.)
  • Duck Life Adventure: If you enjoyed the Chaos Garden of Sonic Adventure 2, you’ll really love this spiritual successor to it in Duck Life Adventure in which you must train your duck through a series of minigames, and then compete in races or turn based battles to reach higher ranks and obtain new gear and accessories for your duck! Sounds like they may have a great win on their hands! (Wix Games)
  • Oneiros: A first person puzzle/point and click adventure in which you guide your character through their daily life where things just don’t seem right. Periodically the world may turn very surreal and you may be unsure if your character is actually awake or still dreaming. (Coal Valley Games)
  • Area 86: A physics based escape game where you guide a little robot around a factory using whatever means you can find to progress further, even if it means breaking a few things! (SimDevs)

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