The World of Mobile Games: King of Thieves

Made by ZeptoLab, the makers of the classic mobile game Cut the Rope, King of Thieves is an auto-run platformer set with a goal of obtaining a higher profile score than other players to come out on top of the competition. Let’s take a closer look at this game and see what makes it interesting!

The basic concept of the game is that you play as a little blocky rogue character who has just escaped from prison and must now make his way back up the ranks as the best thief in the land. Doing so comes in two different parts between offense and defense. Playing offense puts you in a small auto-run level where as soon as you start your character starts moving to the right. You can then tap to jump and tap again when jumping against a wall to wall jump which will make your character go the other direction. The goal is to get from the starting point of the level to a treasure chest nearby while dodging traps and obstacles in the way. By reaching the chest you get the chance to gain money which can be used to buy upgrades, and gems which have a point value that raise your thief score. The goal of the game is to raise your thief score to move up the leaderboards and if you make it to the top of your bracket before the tournament ends you move up to the next bracket eventually working your way to gaining the King of Thieves throne.

An example of a game-made base

Defense is another big part of this. At the beginning of the game you’ll get a base with a similar design to those that you play through to steal a chest. Each base gets a statue with slots to put the gems you stole into and over time will increase the value of these gems which will be your main way of rising up the ranks. Issue is, because this process takes time, other players may break into your base and attempt to steal whatever gem you put in there, so you must set up your own traps and obstacles in the best way you see fit to make your base as difficult as possible for anyone to break into. Over time you will unlock new bases with more intricate designs to work with as well as better traps to stop any intruders.

My own base setup

Breaking into any place to steal from it requires you to use lockpicks which slowly refill over time, so you do have to pick your targets wisely. You can also choose between stealing from a player or a game-made base. Player’s often have the better treasure and more difficult trap arrangements, but the game-made bases can unlock gem mines which give free gems over time and more bases to use. The main issue I’ve found with this game is that you will have to deal with some pretty shady dungeon setups sometimes. Oftentimes other players may have their dungeon set up in a way that requires a pixel perfect jump. There’s also a consumable item you can use to watch the dungeon maker going through their own dungeon so you can see how it’s done, and often times you might see them run up to a wall and just sit there and wait and wait making you wonder if they cheated somehow or if they’re just sitting there to mess with you. No honor among thieves I suppose.

I definitely recommend the game, even if you’re like me and may be prone to multiplayer anxiety, as the fact that you’re not playing head to head against others does help and also the fact that your bracket in the tournament is just one of many so the game isn’t asking you to become the best in the world. Just to make it to the top of your small bracket group. There’s several other upgrade features, events, and goodies to earn in it, but I’ll let the game explain those to you when you play it. Let me know in the comments what you think of this game, and if there’s any other mobile games that you feel deserve the spotlight!

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