Gaming News Issue 4

Welcome to another week of gaming news! This week we’ll be talking about some changes that’ll be made to Among Us to prevent cheaters, Friday the 13th will be permanently shutting down its dedicated servers, and Bethesda’s new game Starfield will boast their biggest world map yet! Let’s take a look further.

Todd Howard, director and executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios, revealed that their newest game Starfield will boast their biggest map yet. We don’t know how much larger it will be compared to Fallout 76 yet, which is their current largest map, but it’s safe to say a cross-map travel will take quite a while unless we get some speedy vehicle options. He’s also announced an upgrade to their creation engine. I can’t say for sure this will make Bethesda’s games any less buggy, but it will improve the AI and textures greatly.

Image of Todd Howard taken from Wikipedia

Gun Media, publishers for the Friday the 13th game, have announced that the dedicated servers for the game will be shut down at the next patch. However, this does not mean the end of the game, as this patch also fixes many long running issues in the game, and it will still be open for peer to peer matchmaking and still keep track of each player’s progress and unlocks. Instead, they’ll now be turning more of their attention to Predator: Hunting Grounds which is available on PS4 and PC.

Image taken from Wikipedia

Among Us creators, Inner Sloth, have announced a new coming patch to the game with some major updates. One of which is the ability to create an account which will allow for reporting cheaters or toxic players and the potential to create a friends list. They’ll also be updating more color blind support and an option to vote anonymously in the meetings. On top of that, a free new map is in the works based on the world of Henry Stickmin, another creation of Inner Sloth that started as a classic web-based flash game!

Image taken from Inner Sloth website

That’s all the news I have for this week, be sure to check in next week with the next big updates and let me know in the comments what some of your thoughts are on today’s articles! And if you’re interested in playing Friday the 13th or Among Us, you can buy them off of Humble Bundle below where a portion of your payment goes to charity, and another portion supports me!

Click to buy Among Us
Click to buy Friday the 13th the Game


  1. I used to play Henry Stickmin in school when all the game websites were blocked and the only games were educational. I’m happy to see that they’re making a map based on the game. But which game will it be based on? There are a bunch of Stickmin games.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No word on which game yet, but theories are suggesting it will be themed with references to all of the games to celebrate the release of the Henry Stickmin Collection on Steam.


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