Healing Potion: Child’s Play

This week’s Healing Potion we’ll be talking about the Child’s Play charity and hopefully putting a spotlight on them for anyone who wishes to show them support. First let’s talk about what Child’s Play does to bring a positive influence to the world, and then we’ll talk about how you can help them achieve their goals!

One of the biggest ways Child’s Play supports over 180 children’s hospitals by partnering with Amazon in allowing each hospital to create their own Amazon wishlist filled with toys, games, books, and electronics that are all hospital approved to make the hospitalization experience as gentle as possible for the kids struggling through their recoveries. On their website you can choose any specific hospital and see their Amazon wishlist and make any purchase on their to send some lucky kids a new positive distraction. But that’s not all Child’s Play does by a long shot. They also support Domestic Violence Shelters by supplying them with Xbox systems and a series of games suitable for the environment. On top of that, they hand out two annual grants to the heroes who develop and update technology and games for children in hospitals. Lastly, the also hold annual events such as a Gamer’s Give Back Day and a dinner auction gala themed for geeks and gamers alike!

Now, of course you can offer your assistance by buying some items on the wishlists, donating directly to the Child’s Play organization, starting fundraisers, and attending the events! You can also choose to buy your future games from either AmazonSmile or Humble Bundle, both of which have options to take a portion of your payment to donate directly to Child’s Play. In fact, as a partner of Humble Bundle, I’ve chosen them myself as the charity that would be supported by any games bought from Humble Bundle through any links here on Mr Zee Gaming (Unless Humble Bundle has a specific charity in mind for a certain game or bundle package.) If you wish to learn more about Child’s Play, you can click the image below and it will take you directly to their website, and I hope you can give them your support!

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