Top 3 Weekly Switch Releases 10/30/20

I’ll be honest and say that this week didn’t do a whole lot for me in terms of Switch games. There were a few shiny examples in the releases, but also a lot of rehashes and half done concepts to go through. If you’re looking into getting a new game from this week, hopefully this list will help you choose from some of the better options available!

#3 Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

Image taken from Wiki site

After the great success of Breath of the Wild, many other devs attempted to use a similar formula in their games to recreate its success. Unfortunately, many of those devs also miss a lot of the aspects that made Breath of the Wild successful. Oceanhorn 2 by Cornfox & Bros was originally considered one of the top Apple Arcade exclusives, yet still received fairly mixed reviews due to a somewhat lackluster combat system and a few performance issues that still exist even on console. However, the exploration and puzzle solving are worthwhile to try out, this game is listed as #3 due to lacking some of it’s own real identity.

#2 Pumpkin Jack

Buy Pumpkin Jack on Steam
Buy Pumpkin Jack on Switch

Developer Nicolas Meyssonnier created a 3D action platformer where you play as the mythological mascot of Halloween, Pumpkin Jack. Just in time for the holiday, you can now explore a very Halloween themed world as the scythe wielding Pumpkin Jack following orders from the Devil himself. This game is perfect for anyone who grew up with games such as MediEvil or Jak and Daxter.

#1 Carto

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Buy Carto on Steam

Developed by Sunhead Games, Carto is a very unique adventure game of exploration and puzzle solving. The game is a top down tiled perspective similar to the original Link’s Awakening or the original Animal Crossing. However in this game, you have the ability to open your map and rearrange the tiles on the map to shift the world into the way you want it. This creates and entire world that is one big puzzle, yet so full of life and quirky characters along the way that the game is sure to charm you!

Honorable Mentions

This week you may notice that I left two big hit games off the top list which is No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Because these two games already have a large cult following I decided to share the spotlight with some of the other releases, while still leaving this excerpt here in the honorable mentions for them. And as for our other honorable mentions:

  • Part Time UFO: A 1-2 player physics puzzle game from the devs who brought you Kirby and Smash Bros! (Hal Laboratories)
  • Yuppie Psycho: Executive Edition: A wild and off the rails survival horror ride through corporatism. (Another Indie Studio)
  • Cthulu Saves Christmas: A prequel to the cult classic Cthulu Saves the World, this time Cthulu must save Santa from the League of Christmas Evil! (Limited Run Games)
  • De: Yaatanien: A point and click, puzzle game in which you must rescue several women in a manor from Saw themed traps! (DICO)
  • The Bluecoats North & South: A game that jumps between resource management, strategy, and first person shooting will test both your mind and your skills! (Microids)
  • Dungreed: A procedurally generated sidescrolling dungeon where you’ll evolve your abilities beyond expectation to tackle bigger and bigger challenges! (Nicalis)
  • Maze: Incredibly simplistic yet satisfying first-person puzzle game involving navigating a large labyrinth with a series of runes that you may use as breadcrumbs, and traps around every corner. (Ultimate Games)

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