The World of Mobile Games: AI Dungeon

A fan of text adventures and choosing your own adventure? This game takes both concepts to their fullest by incorporating a writing AI to accept any command and write the story and NPC’s for you! AI Dungeon by Latitude games is a text adventure in which you decide the genre, your origins, and what you’re capable of. There are three modes labeled as “Creative, Adventure, and Hardcore” which decide what all you can command. Creative mode gives you full story control in manipulating not only your story, but also what happens around you and what other NPCs do and still allows you to let the AI take the reigns whenever you want it too. Adventure mode gives you control over what your character says or does, but also lets you undo and redo blocks of text if things aren’t going the way you want it to. Hardcore mode only lets you control your character with no undo feature which means death is permanent.

The AI can be finicky at times, either in stating flawed logic (example: Your father tells you to go find your father) or in forgetting certain details such as your character’s age, gender, and goals. Having used the app for some time now and seeing all of the patches and updates that have come in such a short time though, it seems the programmers are hard at work at improving the AI and features more and more as well as developing more modes of play.

For instance, there is a customer scenario mode in which other players may write up a diving board for a story that even allows you to input certain aspects to start with. For instance, a couple player have attempted to create a customized version of the Rooster Teeth Youtube series “Death Battle” by offering for players to input the fictional characters they want and let the AI play out the battle for you. Another mode called “Worlds” mode allows players to enter a prewritten world so that the AI doesn’t have to work as hard in building a world for you and certain world events can also be programmed to take place for everyone’s game. Speaking of everyone’s individual games, there’s also a multiplayer option allowing multiple people on different devices to each control their own character in the world, although I can’t say from experience on whether this suffers any significant issues or not.

If you find yourself struggling with the AI there are two good ways to adjust it to work a bit better. One option is to keep the game off of Hardcore mode as there will be an option called “Memory” which allows you to take a block of text and pin it to the top of the AI’s memory to keep it from forgetting some details and a “World” option that allows you to input details of the world you’re in, as well as the “Redo” option that just tells the AI to try again on its last block of text. If you’re playing in Creative mode, you also have the option to edit the AI text to keep it on track. The second way to make sure the AI works for you is to pay a subscription fee of $10 and you get access to what is claimed to be a more powerful AI called “Dragon.” Personally I can’t attest to how much better if at all the Dragon AI is, but the subscription also gives you access to an audible narrator for the AI.

It’s definitely an app worth checking out and playing with, and if you find it frustrating I’d advise to wait a little over a week and try again as the updates and patches to this app come out very quickly. It’s admirable how much hard work the devs are putting into what could eventually be a revolutionary idea.

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