Gaming News Issue 3

Hello and welcome to another week of gaming news! Today we’ll be talking about the new Uncharted movie coming out. Netflix is announcing a few new series based on video games. And Cyberpunk 2077 is facing more delays and a new release date. Let’s take a look further into these stories and see what’s going on!

Netflix has announced not one, not two, not even three, but at least four new video game shows coming to the streaming service. A CGI Resident Evil series named “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” is announced to start sometime next year. The exact date of the release is unknown at this time, but Netflix has stated over Twitter that the series will be canon to the Capcom series and will follow the stories of characters Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Unfortunately, the series being canon may not mean much in the grand scheme of Resident Evil given their complex web of media and what all within that web is considered canon or not. But that’s not all. Netflix has partnered with Ubisoft and has announced the development of at least three if not more series around their flagship series, Assassin’s Creed. Currently the live action series is the only one being worked on and we have no real details into it, however they’ve also stated their intentions of creating more series including an animated and an anime adaptation. Given the history of Assassin’s Creed (Ha…history….) these series could end up a big hit or a big miss based on the success of it’s predecessors in movies and games.

CD Projekt Red has stated on Twitter that Cyberpunk 2077 will be facing yet another delay and has pushed the release date from November 19th to December 10th. The devs at Projekt Red have stated that this delay is to patch any existing issues with the several platforms the game is available on since it is being released not only for current gen and next gen systems, but also PC and Google Stadia. The game has already “gone gold” (in other words is ready to be shipped/played,) but the devs want to ensure that the game goes off without a hitch on the day 1 of release. Personally, I’m glad that they’re devoting the time to give this game the best first impression it can give and hope the fans can be patient for a few more weeks to enjoy the game at its best.

After over 10 years of development and positions being passed on from one person to another, we are as close as ever to the actual release of the Uncharted movie. The current release date for the movie is July 16th of 2021 and we now have images available of Tom Holland in full costume and makeup as Nathan Drake on the set and he’s really looking the part.

That’s all of the news I have for this week! What are your thoughts on all of this and is there something announced that you’re personally very excited for? Let me know in the comments below! And if you’re hyped for Cyberpunk 2077, click the link below to pre-order the game on Humble Bundle where a portion of your payment will go to charity and you can help out a good cause while getting the game you want!

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