The World of Mobile Games: Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales by Kakao Games Inc advertised itself to be very similar in feel to a classic top-down Zelda game, and while the advertisements can be misleading on the actual gameplay the game itself is definitely worth a try. With over a million downloads and a 4.6/5 rating from over 200,000 reviews it has shown itself to be fairly successful. But let’s look into the game ourselves and all of its ups and downs.

First let’s look at the main campaign which is one of the most positive parts to the game. It plays as a top-down action RPG where movement is done on the left side of the screen while attacks and skills are placed on the right side of the screen. Throughout the game you will go through several levels and some branching optional levels. Within these levels you may encounter battles, puzzles, and NPCs who may offer some witty commentary or quests for you to attempt. You can also gain more heroes who will join alongside you as AI fighters. This gameplay is much more reminiscent of classic MMO: Maple Story rather than The Legend of Zelda, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing given the style of this game. Just maybe a bit confusing given the advertisements.

The combat is very simplistic and mostly serves as a goalpost to overcome in order to progress and as a showing of the progress you’ve made on ranking up your characters, equipment, and party build. But the actual combat comes down to simply tapping the attack button repeatedly and the skill button when it allows you. The more enjoyable portions of the game comes from the puzzles and the witty dialogue of the game filled with pop-culture references.

Guardian Tales Boss Battle

Now let’s talk some of the side modes. First there’s the Rift, which is essentially the grinding mode to quickly power up your characters and equipment which luckily I’ve found is not really necessary for the main campaign. It’s mostly useful if you intend on trying to fully rank up all the characters of the game or find one specific party member falling behind. The Tower is a gauntlet type mode where you alternate between going through small levels focused solely on combat and levels focused on puzzles or quick movements and can often be quite entertaining, however you will find a point in which you can’t continue without powering up a bit more first. There’s also the PvP Arena which is the most disappointing part of the game given that it’s easily set up to be pay-to-win. It’s a mode that I personally would recommend avoiding and has been the reasoning for many of the lower reviews.

Then there’s the town management in which you build up a community on top of a floating castle. It’s very simple as it makes gems for you over time which can be used to upgrade and buy more buildings to get more gems. The major upsides to this is that you can also buy buildings that increase character stats, and that your community that you build the town for is none other than the many heroes you’ve unlocked which is a very nice touch. Lastly let’s go over the guild features. Guilds play a very minor part in the game, as there is very little to no necessary social aspects and it exists mostly for log-in rewards.

Guardian Tales Cloud City

All in all, Guardian Tales is a game that can be easily recommended as long as you know what type of game you’re getting into, but it is not without flaw. If you stick to the main campaign it can actually be a surprisingly engaging mobile game and definitely deserving of its rating. If you’ve played the game and want to give your opinions or if you want to recommend a mobile game for next week’s article leave a comment below!

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