How to be a Good Gamer: Action Games

Hello everyone, and welcome to our first tutorial on how to be a better gamer. This is for anyone out there who may not play many games and wants to get into them a bit more, or if you’re just looking for some advice on how to get and edge on your competition. Now don’t go thinking this advice is what will get you into MLG, but it may just get you past that level you’re stuck on or get a few more wins in online gaming.

Now there’s four different categories of gaming we’ll be tackling in these articles: Action, Puzzles, Strategy, and Meta. Action games are your platformers, shooters, metroidvanias, and fighting games. Puzzles are self-explanatory, they can cover anything from Bejeweled to Portal. Strategy can involve a large variety of games such as RTS (Real-Time Strategy) and JRPGs (Japanese Role-Playing Games.) Meta gaming refers to thinking outside the confines of a game such as asking “If were to make this game, where would I hide the best loot?” Today we’ll be taking a look into Action games.

Now the first part you’ll want to study going into any action game is the physics and controls of the game. Seems pretty basic, but often the biggest flaw in a person’s gaming style is taking a moment too long to remember which button to press or missing their timing because your character jumped slightly higher than you expected. Let’s go over some specific examples of how to improve in these aspects and the impact they can have.

First let’s talk Smash Bros. Nintendo’s famous platform fighter. Your first step into the game should be to take your favorite character into training mode and familiarize yourself with not only what the moves from your character, but the minor details. How far of a reach do your attacks have, how long does it take for an attack to go through, and how much does it move your character? This stuff may sound trivial, but if you’ve played before think about all of the times that your attacks didn’t connect, or your opponent hits you before your attack does anything, or all the times you’ve sent yourself off the edge of the arena with a badly timed move.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Nintendo Switch

Now let’s move to another popular action oriented game that many people have played several times: Super Mario Bros. Now, for any of the Super Mario Bros games from the original all the way up to Wii U, your biggest key to learn is your timing with the physics of each game. Over time with practice, you should be able to judge exactly where you’ll land after a running jump and you’ll know just how long to hold the button down to land exactly where you want to. But if this doesn’t come easily to you, try to keep these things in the forefront of your mind as you play and it can make it much easier to retain the information.

New Super Mario Bros U New Super Mario Bros U

If you find this advice helpful, want some tips that may be a bit more advanced than this, or would like advice on a different category, check back in every Monday for a new set of tips and advice and let us know in the comments below if there’s any specific games you want some advice for next Monday!

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