Healing Potion: Gamers Outreach Foundation

Hello all, this is Mr Zee and every Sunday I hope you take the time to read the weekly Healing Potion article, as every Sunday we’ll be taking on a very important subject that needs more public light. Gaming charities! Every Sunday we’ll be taking the time to show you some of the amazing organizations out there that are using video games to help make the world a better place!

This week our spotlight falls onto the Gamers Outreach Foundation. Established back in 08 by a group of high school students, this organization seeks to provide children in a long-term hospital stay with hospital approved video game kiosks (designated as “GO-Karts”) to give those children a recreational activity that takes their mind off of treatment and improves their mood for better healing and a better overall hospital experience.

Gamers Outreach Foundation GO-Kart kiosks
GO-Kart Kiosks ready for use

Now, just sending them a small donation is fantastic on its own, but there are multiple ways that you can help this organization. If you go to their website linked below, you can fill out forms to put your local hospital on the map to receive a GO-Kart of their own, start a fundraising campaign for them, or even volunteer to be a Player 2 who helps to set up the GO-Karts and even play games alongside the kids who need the support that only Player 2 can provide! If you’re unable to donate or volunteer, we ask that you at least spread the word about this organization and share their story!

Gamers Outreach Foundation Official Site: https://gamersoutreach.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GamersOutreach

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