Indie Spotlight: Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy by Cellar Door Games is a popular roguelite game that encapsulates all of what makes a roguelite game. The concept of the game is very simple, in that you must make your way through a randomly generated castle by way of 2D platforming, find the four bosses within the castle and defeat them, then return to the entry to fight the final boss. The twist comes in that you are highly unlikely to be able to do this on your first run, or even your tenth! Each time that you die from one of the many traps or monsters throughout the castle, you choose an heir to take up the quest in your last character’s name!

Here’s where the fun and often comical part comes in: Each of the heirs you have to choose from as a randomly generated name, class, and genetic disorder. You might plays as an assassin with dwarfism, or a dyslexic paladin! The important thing is that each time you play, you’ll want to make as much gold as you can in the castle, as that will be used to buy permanent upgrades for any future heirs that go in later.

Now, as of the time of this article, the game has been out for quite a while with a release date of 2013, but with its release on the Nintendo Switch, more and more people have gotten the chance to try it out and enjoy it. The main thing the game suffers from is around the time the second boss is defeated the game will seem to slow to a grind until the end, and that can feel repetitive if you’re attempting to play straight through the game. I will still give this game my recommendation to anyone who enjoys a good roguelite, especially with its constant replayability!

Rogue Legacy Gameplay

On another note, back in 2018, an early access version of Rogue Legacy 2 was released on Steam and Epic Games. Now, I am happy to say that the full game is available as of August, and hopefully we can look forward to some console ports in the future as well! I have yet to try it out for myself but greatly look forward to it, especially given that the combat looks much more fluid and improved!

What are your thoughts on Rogue Legacy, Rogue Legacy 2, or even your thoughts on the first article of Mr Zee Gaming!? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter or leave a comment below, we’d love your input!

Rogue Legacy: Nintendo Switch, Limited Run 40

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